Testing, testing…is this thing on?

Welcome to my world friends.

I created this blog at the behest of others (mainly my parents) so that I may catalog the many travels I take and the numerous sporting events I cover and preserve it all for posterity, with the added benefit of entertaining my friends and family along the way.

So here it goes.

Today, February 13, I embark on the undertaking of all undertakings – a nine day, nine game college basketball road trip that will take me to some famous (and infamous) gyms and games across the country.  Here is an outline of my ambitious schedule:

Saturday February 13: Oregon at Stanford

Sunday February 14: Indiana at Michigan State

Monday February 15: Oklahoma State at Kansas

Tuesday February 16: Florida at Georgia

Wednesday February 17: Duke at North Carolina

Thursday February 18: Tennessee at Kentucky

Friday February 19: Oakland at Valparaiso

Saturday February 20: Duke at Louisville

Sunday February 21: Seaton Hall vs. St. John’s at Madison Square Garden

And then I drop dead; a combination of exhaustion, delirium and happiness.  I will be doing articles for the website I write for, TheSportsFanJournal so be sure to follow along there.  But I will also be live blogging the experience, which may or may not be safe for work. Thus the blog.

Any and all suggestions for the cities I will be visiting are welcomed, encouraged actually, as I have never visited many of these places before.

Stanford v.s Oregon is in the books – it was actually an exciting game with the Cardinal pulling it out 76-72 in the final seconds at Maples.

As I sit and wait at the airport for my flight to Detroit, I contemplate the ambitious task laid out before me.  I can’t help but be excited at the prospect of visiting all these historically significant places, soaking in the years of basketball wisdom from their hallowed hardwood. And while apprehension may be sneaking in a tiny bit, excitement at the opportunity to tell some great stories ultimately wins out.

See you on the other side.




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